Water tracing dyes

Water Tracing Dyes Green

Presto Dyechem is a leader in the manufacturing of water tracing dyes. Our Trace-A-Leak dyes are widely used for color identification in water systems.

Uses include leak detection in closed systems, plumbing tracing, septic system tracing, sewer drain studies, pond leaks, flow and rate studies and more.

Trace-A-Leak dyes come in three colors:

Fluorescent Green

Brilliant Blue

Fluorescent Red

Water Tracing Dyes BlueAll three dyes are used as a visual detection. The fluorescent green and red can be detected with an ultraviolet light or by a fluorometer; the blue does not have these characteristics. The dyes are safe, non-toxic, and biodegadable. Sunlight also breaks down the color.

These dyes are used by public works departments, sanitary authorities, engineers, and many more by those who need to trace water. We sell the tracer dyes in three forms: powder, tablets and liquid concentration.

Water Tracing Dyes RedPowder

Packaged in one-pound bottles and bulk.

Dilution rate: one pound per 100,000 gallons of water equals 1 ppm concentration in clear water. Dissolves immediately


Packaged 100 tablets per bottle

Weight: 1.25 grams per tablet

Dilution rate: one tablet per 60 gallons of water equals 1 ppm concentration in clear water Dissolves in one to three minutes.


Packaged in 16-oz. jars and one-gallon containers.

Dilution rate: 16 ounces into 12,000 gallons of water equals 1 ppm concentration

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Material Safety Data Sheets:

Brilliant Blue MSDS | Red 52 MSDS | Uranine MSDS