Welcome to the best in dyestuffs: Presto DyeChem

  • Trace a leak
    Trace that leak: Wasting water a municipal sewer system? Testing flow rates? Spot it with our
    Trace a leak
  • Bluing tablets
    Bluing tablets: Convenience and usage control to hide effluent, find toilet leaks or to ensure drug test collection compliance.

    Bluing tablets
  • Shop towels
    Shop towels: You work hard. Our dyes make the cleanup go easier.
    Shop towels
  • Sea dye markers
    Safety on the water: Our sea dye markers are the industry standard for the U.S. Navy
    Sea dye markers
  • Dyestuffs mixed to your specs
    Dyestuffs mixed to your specs: We'll fill your need for direct, acid, basic, fiber reactive and solvent-based dyes
    Dyestuffs mixed to your specs
Presto Dyechem is a manufacturer of  dyestuffs. We carry a full range of dyes, we specialize in Direct, Fiber Reactive, Acid, and Basic dyes.

These dyes are used with a wide range of products. Our dyes are used in chemicals, textiles, soaps, and paper products, as well as water tracing.

We custom blend and package products to the customer’s specifications.

Call us toll free at 800-338-1863 for your dyestuff needs.